Introducing the Art Collection 2

Josef Albers (1888-1976). Formulation : Articulation I:5, Right, 1972. Screenprint, 38 x 102 cm. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Welsh, Jr. P’84. ©2012 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation I Artists Rights Society, New York (ARSNY). hws-a-17

Josef Albers was a painter, poet, sculptor, art theorist, and an educator. Through his teachings he introduced a generation of American artists to the European modernist concepts of the Bauhaus. His experimentation with color interaction and geometric shapes transformed the modern art scene, offering an alternative to Abstract Expressionism and inspiring movements such as Geometric Abstraction, Color field painting, and Op Art. Albers’ early glass paintings, woodcuts, linocuts, treble clefs, bicongugates, kinetics, transformations, constellations, variants and homages to the square are reproduced by Ives-Stillman under the artists’s supervision.

Josef Albers Formulation: Articulation includes 127 silk-screened prints based on geometric designs and complex relationships of color. In these prints, Albers (1888-1976) explores different effects of perception, such as the illusion of movement and the interaction of adjacent colors. His color research extended into such series as Treble Clef, Variants on a Theme, and Homage to the Square all represented in this portfolio. An overview of Albers’ life work, this series of prints was published in 1972 by Harry N. Abrams, New York. The images were selected and arranged in specific order by Albers himself.


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