Collections Storage as Study Gallery

A storage area for the art collection out on the visual arts campus would serve two purposes. It could house many of the artworks for which there is no room on campus or in the gallery; and it could serve as an open storage area designed so students could examine many examples of artworks in the collection.

Art objects would be arranged by subject area or artist for display and rotated yearly. The rotation of objects on view would be coordinated with the schedule of courses offered each year. This arrangement would complement the Davis Gallery and provide a learning laboratory with fieldwork experiences, internship involvement and opportunities in curatorial and exhibition studies as well as access for research and study.

Locating the art storage area on the visual arts campus would relieve stresses on the collections caused by moving pieces to and from the Warren Hunting Smith Library to arts classes and the gallery. It would also encourage spontaneous use of the collections in classes by increasing faculty and student familiarity with the extent of the collections. And, finally, the storage/study area would become a named space the Colleges could be proud to display to donors and sponsors.


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