Wishing You a Lovely Winter Break

In 1986, Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Straub, parents of Christopher Straub ’87, gave the Colleges two wonderful photography portfolios: Color Landscapes I and II. This photograph is from those portfolios. It is a terrific winter image from New Mexico, but could as easily be from this area of New York.

Paul Caponigro (1932-)
Apple Orchard, Tesuque, New Mexico, 1981
Cibachrome, 51 x 61 cm
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Straub P’87 (Christopher Straub)

Paul Caponigro is one of our century’s foremost landscape photographers. He was born in Boston in 1932. After attending public schools, he went to Boston University to study piano, and in 1952 discovered photography. In 1953, he was drafted and stationed in San Francisco as a photographer where he met and studied with Benjamin Chin. Between the years of 1955 and 1957, he studied with Minor White in Rochester, New York, where he was introduced to various philosophical disciplines. In 1958, he had his first one-man exhibition at George Eastman House. Two years later, he began teaching photography at Boston University. In 1962, he published his first portfolio of original prints. In 1966, he was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and received another in 1975. In 1966, he traveled to Europe, in particular Ireland and England, in order to study the great stone architectural creations there. He received another grant, this time from the Arts Council of Great Britain to photograph in Northern Ireland. Caponigro’s technical genius is apparent in each image and is proof of his printing philosophy: “Technique must serve and not dominate a craft which requires creative movement.” His hope is that his viewers will allow the prints to speak for themselves. “One might become aware of suggestions whispered by the interaction of tonalities within each print. It is a silent realm worth exploring.”
Caponigro, Paul, The wise silence : photographs. Boston : New York Graphic Society Books in association with the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, c1983.

See you in January!


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