Art of the Week

Eliphalet M. Brown, Jr. (1816-86, U.S.)
View of Geneva, Ontario County, N. Y., Taken from the Foot of Seneca Lake in July 1836, 1800-99. After Henry Walton.
Lithograph, 34 x 53 cm.
Gift of Eugenie Havemeyer in memory of Horace Havemeyer III ‘64

Brown was an accomplished daguerreotypist, lithographer and artist. In 1846, he was listed in business with James Sydney Brown, a portrait painter in New York City. In 1851, Brown worked with Charles Severyn, a lithographer, and then with Currier and Ives starting in 1852. While working as a lithographer for Currier and Ives, he was chosen as the daguerreotypist to accompany Commodore Perry’s expedition to Japan. Brown was personally selected by Perry. Apparently, his skills as an artist overcame his rather weak experience as a daguerreotypist. Brown reportedly took more than 400 photographic images during the two-year expedition. After the trip to Japan, Brown remained in the Navy. He served during the Civil War and earned an ensign’s commission. He retired from the navy in 1875 and died in 1886 in Manhattan.

This lithograph was obviously a later rendition of an earlier work by Henry Walton who practiced in the area.

Henry Walton worked for the lithography firm of Stone & Clark in Ithaca, New York beginning in 1936. He is known primarily for his lithographs of upstate New York towns made between 1836 and 1850. Walton was also a portrait and miniature painter most often working in watercolor. In 1849 he joined the Gold Rush to California. There is some discrepancy on Walton’s birth and death dates. Falk’s “Who Was Who in American Art” has the dates 1804-1865 though it does note many different possible dates and sources. According to Falk, Walton left California and settled in Michigan in 1857. Hughes’ “Artist’s in California” has the dates 1821-1873 and states that Walton resided in San Francisco until his death.

The Colleges also have:
Henry Walton (fl.1836-1850)
Hobart Free College, Geneva, N.Y., 1836-37
Lithograph, 18 x 28 cm
Jones, Leigh Rehner. Artist of Ithaca : Henry Walton and his odyssey / [Ithaca, N.Y.] : Office of Publications Services, Cornell University, c1988. N6537.W25 A4 1988
Henry Walton, American artist. By: REHNER, Leigh. Antiques (1952), March 1970, Vol. 97, p414-417, 4p


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